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NO, the report is not intended for the treatment or cure of any condition or illness.

Epigenetic is the study of the everyday influences in your diet, environment and lifestyle that affect how your genes express themselves. In some cases, up to 98% of gene expression (the way the body is physically, mentally and emotionally) is controlled by the environment in which you live.

To a large degree, yes. Genes have the ability to express in a number of ways, sometimes thousands of ways for the same gene. By changing the environment, you can find the best gene expression to support your wellness.

No, not necessarily as we are not physically measuring the amount of the nutrient to compare with deficiency tables. You could be within normal levels by conventional measure but still require more of a certain nutrient because of a lifestyle factor, like exercise for example.

The system is not a measurement as it does not have a scale by which data can be compared. Through the process of resonance, we determine the relevance of an item by the ability of the system to detect resonance within the digital sample and reflect this in the size of the chart segment.

When two systems have frequencies which are comparable they come into resonance. For instance, when an opera singer hits a note which resonates with a glass, it is able to absorb the energy from that note, until so much is stored, that the glass shatters.

Only within the context of the chart that it is in. As a chart can only add up to 100% of the total picture for that category, you cannot compare a chart with 3 categories with one that has 17.

Those segments with outlines are designated as ‘consider’ items, which still have moderate relevance but are not priority issues.

No, we are not physically assessing immune response to the foods and they are not on the allergy spectrum. If there are foods to which you know or suspect you are allergic to, then you should avoid these even if they are not on your restrictions list.

There are some foods to which we have limited genetic experience, we often have natural aversions to these. There are others which we eat too much of because we are creatures of habit and from time to time certain foods are just not compatible with our lifestyles. These foods are best restricted for a 90-day period.

The system does not physically measure toxins in the body and so cannot be used to confirm their presence. The resonance can be epigenetic in nature, meaning that the toxins could cause some poor gene expression if exposure does occur.

The report does not confirm the presence of parasites (although we all carry them) but only the resonance indication that could be a predisposition to parasites and eating the right foods may help with this.

At a pure epigenetic level the body is homeodynamic, which means constantly adapting to the environment in a non-linear way. As we age, change jobs, eat differently, get married, have kids, read a different paper, start exercising, stop exercising and hundreds upon hundreds of different daily/weekly/monthly changes, so our bodies need supporting in different ways.

That’s impossible to say as there are so many variables and each person and set of circumstances is unique. You should notice change within the first 30 days but it can take up to 90 days and even beyond in some cases.

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